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iCon2 FoundationsiCon2 Foundations

iCon2 Foundations

Just like cosmetics. Beige pumps that make your skin look beautiful.

It's like wearing cosmetics.

Just like choosing a foundation, you can find the perfect color for you.
"Ultimate beige pumps" are also available this year.

A total of 8 different colors of beige with slightly different shades.
You can choose from two types of materials: smooth and melting enamel.

Of course, the cushion is "iCon2", which boasts the best comfort in mamian history.
We have prepared the features that women want, such as a mesh upper that gently wraps your feet in a fluffy cushion on the entire surface, and a grip processing sole that prevents slipping even on rainy days.

Beautiful pumps hurt. Painless pumps are not beautiful.
That's not true.

For all women who never want to put up with beauty or comfort.
With mamian's foundations, let's comfortably get "the best beautiful legs ever".

iCon2 Foundations
iCon2 Foundations
iCon2 Foundations
iCon2 Foundations
iCon2 Foundations
iCon2 Foundations
iCon2 Foundations
iCon2 Foundations


Mamian's high heels are beautiful from any angle. The slim heel that stretches straight makes your legs look slender and beautiful. A flowing shallow cutting line creates a more sophisticated foot.


7 cm heel that is easy to use for both daily and occasions. Because it matches perfectly with various scenes, you will want as many pairs as you like. The secret to its popularity is that it's a form that doesn't try too hard, but it's still beautiful.


Cushioning that is too luxurious for low heels. With a neat pointed toe, you can achieve a beautiful silhouette even with a 5 cm heel. The perfect pair for office and daily life, born from customer requests.


"Once you wear it, you'll never forget it." Mamian's most comfortable shoes ever.

Once you wear it, you will never forget it. The best comfort in mamian history.

Don't give up on pumps being painful.

mamian's iCoN boasts a fluffy cushion and gentle comfort.

The iCoN series is packed with a lot of ingenuity to prevent your feet from hurting and a fit that you can run with high heels.

Foundations is equipped with the functionality of iCon2, which boasts the best comfort in the iCoN series.

① Soft touch lining (insole)
Antibacterial and anti-odor lining with a soft touch that enhances the cushion's resilience.

② High-density low-resilience urethane cushion
High-density memory foam cushion with a thickness of 5 mm that covers the entire surface of the insole.

③ High resilience 3D arch cushion
A three-dimensional arch cushion that fills and fixes the gap between the arch and the shoe.

④ High-density memory foam cushion insole
4mm thick high-density low-resilience cushion insole that covers the entire surface of the insole.

⑤ Strong grip processing rubber sole
The rubber sole with a thickness of 4 mm has excellent elasticity, and the non-slip sole has a strong grip.

⑥ Upper back mesh processing
Soft mesh wraps your foot from toe to side.

Pursuit of further resilience.

Approximately 4mm high-density low-resilience urethane cushion insole installed only in iCon2. By adding to the approximately 5mm cushion installed in the conventional iCoN, the thickness of the cushion that protects the sole has become nearly 1cm. The normal iCoN was fluffy and comfortable to wear, but more cushioning than this... I'm sure it's more than I imagined. Enjoy 2.5 times more elasticity*.

Non-slip soles.

Strong grip processing rubber sole newly adopted in iCon2. The rubber sole with a thickness of 4 mm is elastic and soft, and not only does it adhere firmly to your feet, but it also has excellent durability. Not only is it non-slippery, but it also has an excellent sense of stability and a fit that you can do even if you are just trotting. These soles give you confidence in every step you take.

I want to wear pumps even with bunions.

A very soft fit is achieved by processing the upper back mesh inside the pumps. Pumps with hard leather lining always hit my bones and hurt. It is a device that thought of your feet. If you have mild bunions, you will want to challenge yourself to see it in comfort. Of course, for you who are not bunions.

A counter that prevents shoes from chafing.

Pumps that use cheap paper material for the counter (heel part) tend to get blisters, but mamian pumps use soft microfiber (artificial leather). As a result, the pumps are hard to hurt even if they rub against each other, and they are hard to get blisters. My heels are always bloody from blisters. I can't let go of the band-aid. It is a savior to save the heel of such a woman.

What about synthetic (artificial) leather?

Easy to care for, can be worn even on rainy days, and come in a wide variety of colors. Chemical leather has many good points. Until a few years ago, chemical leather had a strong impression of being cheap and cheap, but in recent years, the technology has improved so much that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from natural leather at first glance. The realistic texture and feel are the result of the efforts of textile manufacturers who are constantly researching to improve quality.

    24 products